cargo mike without his cargo bike...

cargo mike without his cargo bike

saturday cargo mike raced his first cyclocross race
well... maybe his first cyclocross race in years
he raced the C Class on his fixed gear
landed around 12th
impressive finish... maybe with a tougher gear he could have clipped off a few more racers and landed in the top five

gotta roll
just heard my family
the swung back early
gotta throw on my costume and get some candy

it was a hectic night of trick or treating
actually it is now the next morning
my head hurts from one too many glasses of wine
the glasses of wine worked well to reverse a few too many cups of afternoon coffee

halloween started off a little bumpy for me
I rushed home to try and join some friend on the block for some pre-festivities pizza
but the halloween process of putting out a bowl candy, lighting the six jack-o-lanterns, and assembling a last minute costume had be behind schedule of the rest of the crew
they left without me
I scrambled to catch the group
by the time I caught them I was in meltdown mode

I had not eaten and I was not in agreement with the course of the evening
my understanding is that Halloween starts at dark
if it is too early for a candle to light a jack-o-lantern than it is too early to be trick-or-treating
yet they moved up through the neighborhood
arriving at a block party before the block party started

I threw my tantrum and went home before arriving at the block party

it worked our well...

I got to go home and catch my breath
deep breaths.... serenity now... serenity now
once I caught my breath and had my head right I sat down for some dinner
lisa had cooked up some amazing chicken corn chowder

with oxygen to my brain and food in my belly I went to the basement to feed my soul
lights went on the charger
pedals went on the bike
helmet, shoes, gloves, and various layers of clothing went in the bag
music played as I recharged my soul

with my mind, body, and soul alligned to where they should be I went upstairs and played with some images
just after getting these images of Cargo Mike together I heard Lisa come in the front door
the family had looped back for me
the kids were looping back for me and headed to a haunted house down the block
I was able to join my family for some Halloween fun
with the large amoeba mass of of kids in costume from our block we went to a few well decorated haunted houses then returned some of the kids home for an early bedtime
then we marched back up to Lamont Street
the kids had filled their pumpkins with candy so we focused on Haunted Houses and crazed costumes

Fat Jesse was on stilts
as many adults in costume as kids
the energy was fantastic
when we got to Lamont Street it was HALLOWEEN MADNESS
we arrived in time for the costume awards
it was all very scary

Halloween Season is now over...
mission accomplished
images to come

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