the bike snob has some great advice for cyclocross

the bike snob nyc has some great advice for racing cyclocross

gotta love the bike snob nyc

fantastic advice for all of us from mid-pack on back
not such great advice for anyone trying to crack the top ten
absurd advice for anyone looking to win

I am still on the tip of rolling around on the Karate Monkey Single

it would make sense for me to take the pedals off the Monkey and thrown them back on the Jamis Nova before the
DCCX Cyclocross event this weekend

that image is from Charm City 2006

found a better image on this gwadzilla archive
but... this finally loaded

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gwadzilla said...

redlack and I showed up a bit after the mass start at the Paranormal 6 Hour Event in Charlottesville last weekend

warm up?