ISO: place to live

Desperate Times lead to Desperate Measures...

looking for a place to live...

What am I looking for?
Well... eventually I will try to buy a house.
What will I settle for?
Moderately flexible

Short term house sitting gig?
Short Term Rental?
Buying is my real goal... but it is not so easy and not so fast.
So am not looking to rent long term as I feel it is more cost effective for me to buy.

Looking for a place within 3 or 4 mile radius of Wilson High School so that I can get my boys to and from Wilson HS and Alice Deal Middle School.
Working out a shared physical custody arrangement with my soon to be ex-wife.
In short the boys will be living at my house for a little less that half the time... and I have a dog.

If you know of anything... let me know
email me gwadzilla8 AT YAHOO Dot Com