memories of Flat Stanley... memories of my work life before now...

Barack Obama Boards Marine One

living in DC the sound of helicopters is everyday
it is not uncommon for Marine One to be flying overhead
more common then seeing Airforce One
not every town offers the alibi that you are late because of traffic caused by the presidential motorcade

these photos are a few years old

my buddy Tom snapped this shot of Flat Stanley for me
these shots may have been for my nephews in Pittsburgh
I am not sure how many kids have a photo to present the class with President Obama and Flat Stanley

in hindsight... I think the political stance of this family had them less excited by this photo op than other families may have been... this family may have preferred Flat Stanley with Sarah Palin or one of the many Bushes

I think it is super cool... 
Flat Stanley with President Obama
thanks Thomas Tillman... I hope you are well in your world
good memories from a work life past

previous work life being Desktop Support for the Washington Bureau of CBS News
now I am doing a similar but maybe a step down level of desktop support at the Smithsonian

I dig it... I could use more money
that said... it is good for now

my day is like Night at the Museum... only in the day
and with computers instead of security

with all the transition in my life right now
I need something a little more stable
my job offers some stability
and I like being part of the museum machine

Flat Stanley at the Hirshhorn Museum
this photo was taken years ago!

funny to think... I had to ask the guard if I could rest the paper character on the sculpture
he was kind enough to look the other way
but his hesitancy was not without cause

Flat Stanley would be going back to Pittsburgh wearing two casts
I do not recall the response to my Flat Stanley effort

Flat Stanley is cool
It always makes me smile to see someone taking a photo of Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley