the pope is in town... yes The Pope!

Pope Francis is in Washington DC this week...

Pope Francis is the COOLEST Pope EVER!

Where does the Pope stay when he is in DC?
Apostolic Nunciature on Massachusetts Avenue in NW D.C.

hmmm... I guess that is why that man is basically camped out on Mass Ave across the street from the Naval Observatory with is signs about priests and pedophilia 

ah... the Pope and his ability to make contact with the people
wouldn't it be great if the Pope were able to approach this man and help him find closure
maybe this man could find closure and the Pope could approach the topic of pedophilia within the church

previous popes just shoveled this topic under the rug
I don't approve of how the Catholic church has dealt with this  
it would be great for the church to clean house
remove the pedophile priest and have them treated as the criminals that they are

sure... there can be compassion but not protection
more than simply breaking the law

then one more...