rained yesterday... did you lube your chain today? there are some riddles about the bike... tire pressure and lubing of the chain just being a few

How Many Licks?

there are so many riddles to life... 
many of which people claim to be unsolvable
the Tootsie Pop lollipop once had a commercial that begged the question
"How Many Licks Does it take to get to the Center of the Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?"

what about the bike?
are their riddles to the bike?
sure... but not quite as unsolvable
but riddles just the same

tire pressure?
what is the appropriate tire pressure?
depends upon the type of bike
the size of rider
the rider's intention
the tire's PSI capacity
so yes... it is a bit of a riddle
but not really... pump pump pump it up!

what is too much air? what is too little air may be a better place for people to start

too little air pressure can lead to a pinch flat
that should be avoided
that is easily avoided
make it so

then there is the question of when to lube the chain?
more than likely... more often than you are currently lubing it
so... how often do I lube my chain
when my chain is dry...
after I ride in the rain.,.
when I have not lubed it in a while
before most substantial rides
before most any off road ride

a clean drive train is a happy drive train
oil your chain with a bicycle specific lube
it cleans and lubes
simple process

enough for now
chase those links
I attached two photos to give  you and idea what could be at the other end of those links

How Many?

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