the DC bicycle commuters have a unique backdrop... it is not the Front Range of Colorado... it is the backdrop of CNN and all the other news shows...

the many bridges of DC
this is just one of the bridges
this is not Pittsburgh 
but we have our bridges

on a short loop around the city I can cross an assortment of bridges
this is the 14th Street Bridge
most famous for having a plane crash into it
the planes fly over head as the Potomac is their flight patern

the planes overhead can be a highlight when crossing this bridge
boats on the water can also be a treat
the monuments often go unnoticed to the pedaling commuter that has passed them a hundred times
the monuments are cool... especially when the light is right

but really
these bridges and these paths are just part of so many bicycle commuter's everyday
with the pleasure of passing all these amazing monuments
I like the view
I think most people like the view on their commute

I think the DC commute offers up some nice eye candy