another weekend of don't ask... tell... try to give them options... then weigh in their options

another post that never got finished
hard for me to get my thoughts down these days
lacking motivation

gonna share this just the same

this weekend past Grant and I went for a bike ride
there was some discussion
Grant is a top level negotiator
we had a battle over the ride 
then we had a battle over where we would ride

shamefully I was able to compromise
well... as long as we did it my way
which meant turning off GTA and going for a bike ride
then going for a bike ride somewhere out of our routine, but worth considering

Grant fought me
but only on the trajectory of our ride
Grant wanted to do our short and sweet Rock Creek ride to the stump at the four way stop at the top of the hill on the DC Maryland Line

but... I held my ground
I felt my choice would benefit him the most
the airport... the airport with the planes landing
if the wind is right... I do not know much about the planes... but they do not always lad and take off at the same path
Grant was a good sport from pedal one
as soon as we were moving Grant was in the game
we took a classic route on the bike path from the National Zoo to the airport with a C&O Canal to Key Bridge detour (dad trying to add a mile or two to the airport adventure)
then the Mount Vernon Trail with the promise of  a more direct )shorter route home through the city

the airport was cool
grant was into it
we had a good time
grant snapped some serious shots
then Grant suggested hitting a bucket of balls at Hains Point
I had not had lunch yet
we hit a bucket of balls
I had a beer and we got some food

but that was the weekend prior
this weekend past grant went to pittsburgh with his mother while dean stayed back with me
so... as the weekend approached I told Dean that we would be doing some mountain biking
which had Dean asking to go mountain biking on Saturday afternoon when he got back from rowing practice

only a few issues with this
I was mid project in the basement
I felt that Dean's lets would be tired from rowing and we could go longer and harder in the woods if we went early the next day

it seemed as if Dean just wanted to get it out of the way
he really pushed to ride on Saturday
but I held my ground
I was mid-project and wanted to stick with my long ride plan

then a little later in the day and only a little further in my project and I was distracted by Dean's desire to ride
so... I got the bikes together and Dean and I went for a short ride