trying to warm up... not as mentally chatty today as I was yesterday... maybe more coffee would help

college age me with Brian Baker at Dag Haus
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random photos from different moments in my life...
not too many photos pre-digital
as film was more expensive
and really
someone needed a friend committed to the hobby of photography for that to happen

Photo by Kevin Dillard

Kevin Dillard is a local cyclists... a messenger... and a photographer
Demoncats is his photo page

Tour de Fat

ah... New Belgium's Tour de Fat
that is a blur of bicycle filled memories
Good Times for Sure!

as a representative of MORE I volunteered and ran the Bike Valet at the Tour de Fat for a few years...
it was quite an event

scan the Gwadzilla Archives for
Tour de Fat
New Belgium

Bicycle Tour in Europe 1990

ah... the only scanned photo from that Europe trip
an over shared photo
there are a number of photos that I share and share again
Sledding at Battery Kimble on the cover of the Washington Post, that Tour de Fat shot, and some shots with my kids
only so many shots of me that I like

Santa-Anarchy - Santarchy

not feeling any more creative...
maybe if I try to write up a race report for the recent Alleycats I will get the flow I am looking for