Giclee Printer... where is there a Giclee printer in DC?

Roscoe and Brutus

years ago as a gift for my then wife I commissioned an old friend to do a portrait of our dogs
well... in the spliting of this and that... I took the painting not knowing that my X had sentiment and would like to keep that painting
a gift that she hardly shrugged her shoulders towards upon receiving

easy enough...
that is fine... I gave it to her.. it is hers... and if she has sentiment for our old dogs Roscoe and Brutus
well fine...
all I need to do is make a copy
a reproduction of sorts

when I do this...
I think I will go ahead and also scan and print the two dog portraits that my brother had made for his wife of their dogs by the same artist
that would give me a little collection of sorts


and Kate's page

Kate Samworth

below... Dean and Grant with the then puppy Didgeridoo aka Didg

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