DC Police Chief Lanier alerts people... "no one owns a ""public"" parking space"

Gwadzilla Parking and Snow

the vacant parking space is like this little puzzle game
for parking to work
there needs to be a vacant space for you to occupy
if you leave your space and then block your space
what makes you think there will be another parking space on your destination end?

it irks me to no end to see the chairs and cones all over the city
it the chairs and cones were not there...
a plow could clear your parking area
giving more parking spaces instead of spaces in between mounds of frozen tundra

more on this later

in short...
people are selfish and short sighted
if everyone did the generous thing
it would work for everyone

creating a SOCIAL CONTRACT that goes against the stated law makes for confusion
some attempt one method while others select another

people hold a few ideas from which they refuse to listen to the other perspective on
Guns... Abortion... and Shoveled Parking Spaces!

there is no discussion
each side has made their decision
nothing will change their stance
not the law
not common sense
not common courtesy

well... at least Vlad has found a use for these chairs!