Coyotes in Rock Creek Park... I previously doubted this claim...

like Doubting Thomas I needed to see for myself before I would believe

well.. now I believe
as I have seen what I believe to be a coyote in Rock Creek Park
on the roadside of Military Road near St John's High School
there it was... not a dog... not a cat... not a wolf... but a coyote-like animal

interesting to say the least
hopefully there is enough trash for them as I fear that the park lacks the biodiversity to feed a predator of this size

I fear house cats are already thinning out the chipmunks
the house cats that roam free are definitely doing damage to our bird population
not sure of the coyote's hunting capabilities
the historical documents with the roadrunner showed his efforts and intentions to be cunning to say the least... but less than effective

it would be nice to see the park increase the biodiversity
assist the growth of grown cover
replace plants that were removed when the city was clear cut in the time of the Civil War

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