what is Monster Cross? there appears to be more than one Monster Cross... I am looking at the link but like the image for the Pigsah event

Monster Cross in VA not SC

registering for events is a great way to commit
racing is training
waiting to be in "race shape" before racing is a fools errand
you will never get there
it is like people waiting until they get more limber before studying martial arts

get off the couch and get in the game
that is my advice to you
that is my advice to me

it does not take events to get people in shape
but.. I will never ride as hard as I would race
racing gives me a psychological reward that I do not find when riding
some can train hard... I have a hard time justifying the pain

no... I have not registered for Monster Cross yet
but thinking about it

bummed there is no Snot Cycle this year

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