ah... the new home

settling into the new home
an old house that has a few minor issues

there is some irony...
the old shed out back has an array of plumbing parts and tools that makes me think that the previous owner was a plumber
they why are so many of my current issues plumbing related?

slowly I will learn certain things

this weekend I met the boys' needs for "window treatments"
and what a SHAM!
I bought some Kenneth Cole curtains... they did not come as a set, but as one curtain
how was I supposed to know what "Single Grommet" meant
the photo on the box showed two curtains!

no photos were taken at the House Warming Party
which except for the mess and remaining beers
there is no evidence of it really happening

good times
hopefully I will get to have more people over real soon

below are some photos from the house
a peak at the living room and a glance at each of the boys' bedrooms