whatever happened to Val Kilmer... as far as I was concerned he WAS JIM MORRISON in The Doors movie...

The Doors...
in my youth I spun many a record with James Morrison's crooning
his poetic lyrics delivered by his magical voice
I was captivated... I was entranced 

in this pre-video age
it was the record on the turntable and the graphics on the record cover
if you were lucky... the record had some liner notes on the record sleeve
LA Woman had a great record sleeve... almost as good as the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers with an actual zipper

ah... records...
I need to get a turntable so I can spin some records

yes... Jim Morrison was cool
as much as we hate to admit it
Val Kilmer was cool
but now... he is hated in Hollywood and may well be fat

Elvis and Brando are two of the few who have maintained cool along with fat

maybe I will watch The Doors with my boys
one problem... I do not own the DVD

a scan from Jim brings up one of my favorite Gwadzilla Blog posts of all time
chase this link and read about "Jim"

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