Curbside Treasures... Dumpster Diving Pearls... I can not resist...

the other day I was out walking my dog and made a pass by a neighbor's house
I had not seen him walking his dog lately and thought maybe he would like to stretch his legs and let our dogs play

no answer at Mr. Thomas' house... but down the block was this chest
maybe not a chest but a trunk

I approached and took a closer look
I liked what I saw
but was curious...
is this old trunk by the stairs to be carried in
is this old trunk set on the curb to be hauled away with the trash

I spun it around... it was heavy... a bit dusty... but still cool

rather than mistakenly steal something that is not trash
I went to knock on the door to try and get more information

no answer...
one day passed... trunk was still there
another day passed... trunk was still there
on the third day... I was confident that the trunk was fair game
but took advantage of the opportunity to check with its owner when I saw her outside fiddling with her vintage car... an MG- BGT or something to that 

when the boys were back from Florida after the requisite dog walk I enlisted 14 year old six foot tall Dean to assist with moving this massive trunk

as we drove just a few blocks from my new house on Quackenbos  I described the large box and its unknown contents
I was certain that it was filled with treasure
the weight indicated it was filled with either gold bars or diamonds

we moved the old trunk and took it home
only to discover that it was not filled with anything other than itself

the old trunk was some sort of wardrobe
the box elicited thoughts of steamship rides across the Atlantic
but no gold and no diamonds
cool just the same

a little worn... a tad bit of mold... a little bit of rust

I left the old box outside disassembled so that it would air out
sprayed it down with Febreeze...
then wiped down the interior with Clorox Wipes
then the exterior with an Armor All car interior spray

once all done...
we lugged the old luggage up into the second floor of my quaint new Quackenbos house
just big enough for my new flat screen television

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