start of another week...

DC got flooded last night...
traffic this am was insane
cars were swarming around like drunken hornets
not sure why the hornets were drunk

rock creek looks like it hit some serious high water marks last night
the damage was pretty clear in the small sections I walked this am with the dogs

the bummer about the damage is that this damage just adds to the years and years of damage that has never seen repairs
the walls along side of the creek have been eaten away
the remaining trees that stand on these walls are at risk
the park needs to start focusing on putting a bandaid on its wounded sections of the park
a bandaid now would help in preventing an inevitable death of sections of the park

so much of the park is becoming barren
so much of the top soil has washed away

who is in charge of this?
are people sleeping on the job?
I know that there is a great deal of land to cover
I am certain that if they provided soil
volunteers would take care of the rest with wheel barrows and shovels