Sue Haywood stops in to ride with the mortals

tonight at Wednesday at Wakefield Sue Haywood stopped by to race with the mortals

I was standing in the queue with the rest of the clydesdales when they released the expert men and then the expert women
then I was on the course so I had no opportunity monitor the action

but apparently sue moved up the front of the race
lead the race in first for a few laps then apparrentl had to pull over for some unknown reason (known to her but not to me or the others that told me the story)
finished in second over all

I wonder what the spread was between the release of the expert men and the expert women?
if they were not release simultaneously
there is a chance that she was the fastest over all tonight

sue... you are a rock star!
rock on!

sue haywood diary/blog
sue haywood stats on wikipedia

film maker jason berry was racing in the single speed class tonight
not sure how he did... but he did win the sport series at wakefield last summer
off road to athens

okay... glanced at the results from WAW last night
seems that the numbers do not match the tales at the bar
oh well...
she is still a bad ass
she rocked the course
great to have an east coast local hero show up at an event on our local scene