WAW: Wednesday at Wakefield
tonight is Wednesday at Wakefield
a small local post work race series that bring together the local cycling community
it is as much about getting together as it is about riding/racing
if the work day goes as planned I should be there on my single speed in the Clydesdale Class

should be a hoot
I expect to be getting my ass handed to me by friend and rival Chris Redlack
he has gotten super fast
this year I think he has taken the lead
before the season is up I will try to take it back
it is good to race with friends
get inspiration where you can find it
let anxiety push you forward rather than letting it cripple you

still have not written a report for the Urban Mountain Bike Race in Richmond for last weekend
work has been busy
have not finished my next article for SPOKES magazine
currenlty wrestling with a lot of words about the 24 Hours of Big Bear!

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