Fort Reno

Fort Reno Summer Concert Series

Fort Reno has been a part of my summer experience since I was a teen ager
in my teens I was a regular at Fort Reno on summer Monday and Thursday Nights
we often arrived on our bikes with frisbees and sodas in our bags

several years ago I was just back from the 24 Hours of Canaan
as I drove through town I gave a tour to my fireman buddy from Idaho
we meandered through Northwest DC as we traveled from the beltway to my Mount Pleasant home

as we passed near Fort Reno park I spoke of the summer concert series and the various bands that played there
as we got closer we decided to see who was on the list for that evening
as there seemed to be a flurry of activity
less parking
mom's pushing strollers in combat boots
dad's with incomplete mohawks due to thinning hair
to my friends great pleasure the band of the night was Fugazi
a band he is familiar with and a bit of a fan
what a chance opportunity!

not sure of you can catch Fugazi or the Slickee Boys at Fort Reno these days
but... there may be something worth seeing
check it out

French Toast may be on my list of maybe
could be curious about
sons of disobedience, & joe lally

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