WAW... they spelled it wrong... it should read WOW

what a rush!
totally pumped about the race that happened after work tonight at Wakefield Park
PVC (Potomac Velo Club) hosted their first race in a four race series

a summer classic

tonight I raced at the first race of WAW in the clydesdale class on the karate monkey single speed
the wednesday at wakefield race rocked
the trails at wakefield rock
the folks at PVC have managed to inprove the trails and the race course each year
it blows my mind!

the new trails are totally awesome
tonight was the first time I had a chance to experience the new sections of trail
tonight was awesome
did I mention that the whole event was awesome
time well spent
the efforts of those that built these trails is greatly appreciated

larry camps told me that these four wednesdays are his favorite four wednesdays each year

sure the minutes to mile ratio is not so good
but the time around the race certainly make up for amount of driving nearly equaling the amount of racing

the numbers at wakefield looked like they were growing
the single speed class may have been the largest class
although I have not seen the results so I do not know the actual numbers

after the race I hung out by the finish exchanging tales from the races that just ended with an assortment of friends
everyone was certainly all smiles
after the awards a good number of the racers went to replace the calories that they just burned at a local bar
as I was hungry I tagged along
it was great catching up with so many great people
it was great meeting new people
it was great to be out riding and racing on dirt on a wednesday night
it was great hanging with the folks at wakefield

PVC: Wednesday at Wakefield
results from last night
(I love the results... looking at the numbers can be as fun as looking at pictures! where are the pictures?)

I was pleased to get to thank someone I had never met before after the race...
there seemed to be one name that kept coming up when I thanked the PVC folks about the race and the wonderful new trail
everyone kept mentioning the same guy, larry
got a chance to thank him once
now I will thank him again
thanks larry
(no larry camps... just larry)
that course rocks
the course flowed
these trails are clearly not hiking trails where mountain bikes are allowed
these are awesome mountain biking trails for mountain bikers

next trip to wakefield I am bringing a camera
need to get some images of the faces from the races on the blog