Public Service Announcements

Iron Eye Cody....
from that famous PSA

Crying Indian PSA

found this at RETRO JUNK

I often question the impact of public service announcements and advertising... although I do enjoy good commericals

I have often thought that we as cyclists could use some Public Service Announcements
something to educate the people
something to tell the people that cyclists are people

there was a time where I had a few ideas sketched out

it is obvious that there needs to be some change in how the the car driver views the cyclist
right now.... the car driver fails to put the human element onto the bicyclist
that bicyclist is nothing more than an obstacle

in addition to a set of PSAs to educate the people
there also needs to be an education to the professionals on the road
the cab drivers, the bus drivers, those with CDLs
these alledged professionals need to get a better understanding of not just a cyclists right
but also to the fragility of a human body on the bicycle
that should be part of their getting a license