dirt rag at big bear

dirt rag was there at big bear this weekend past
they had a booth
they had a sport team
they sold all sorts of stuff
friday night was cold
a tad more than I can see your breath cold
everyone was panicked about the onset of a cold wet weekend
before midnight the campgrounds were filled with heads covered in brown dirt rag beanies
I myself was not in need of their gear
yet I was tempted by the long sleeve dirt rag jersey
sweet jersey!

dirt rag took second in sport
they played a little last minute change in the rotation to make the move from fourth to second
or something to that effect
not sure
I was camped along side of the team from baltimore that got third
they seemed to be floating around back and forth
the use of the college legs was the smart thing to do
not at all a move from breaking away
just smart racing

although... I am a little sketical
is it legal to have super models on sport teams
I am almost sure that this pretty face in this photograph was one of the characters on the podium after the race
oh well.... I guess he is more than a pretty face

dirt rag was giving away bontrager tires to those getting a subscription
what a deal!
hey.... hold on!
now my lifetime membership is not sounding so sweet!
(actually.... not missing an issue because I slack on getting things renewed makes it all worth while... even if I could use a set of tires)