yellow jackets on the trail

yesterday as I took the dogs on a short loop in the woods I encountered some yellow jackets
actually... brutus' behavior indicated that he encoutered the yellow jackets first

brutus is a bit "wiggy"
he is a wonderful dog and I love him dearly
but he is not without his issues
maybe I stepped on him one too many times when he was a puppy
maybe his near death experience and month without eating contributed to this
whatever the root
brutus can be a bit of a freak dog
so seeing him respond a number of swarming yellow jackets can be a bit amusing
as he looks more like a homeless man with a nervous tick and a internal debate between a few of his many personalities

then when I got stung... I knew that he was not drifting off into a weirder state of mind
but he was actually responding to some tangible external forces

at the site of the swarming yellow jackets I moved as quickly as my form would permit
feeling the yellow jackets at my side I swung my dog leashes about me
swatting blindly in the air
striking my own ankle with the hard metal latches at the leashes end
only got stung once
was not sure if my swelling was from a minor sting
the use of the leashes like some sort of medieval weapon

this morning I returned to that log that crosses the trail and sprayed some toxic bug killer into the nest
will return with the rest of the can this evening to assure myself that I finished the job
no reason to risk having another hiker getting stung by this family of yellow jackets that decided that the center of the the path would be their home


I know it is a hornet
but it is a cool logo
tattoos being expensive was a good deturent for me in my youth
or I would certainly have two chest pieces of the battle of the Mickey's Hornet and the the Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull

roscoe is very mellow
the dogs are very similar
the dogs are very different

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