morning ride... post work ride... post race legs

got up a little later that expected this morning
the blonde haired alarm clocks are in pittsburgh visiting their grandparents so i got to sleep in a few extra minutes today
sleeping in a few extra minutes was fine on monday and tuesday as I was scheduled to go in late and work late
but this morning I was set for the standard 9-5
which made my sleeping late a bit of a dagwood bumstead scenario

so, got out of bed and did what most people do in the morning
scratched my bum
drank my coffee
brushed my teeth
had to put the seats back into the Element so lisa could head up to Pittsburgh for the weekend
by the time this was done it was time for me to head off to work
lisa agreed to walk the dogs

I went to the basement to suit up for a ride to work
with my backpack filled with work clothes and lycra on my body I was ready to ride
I grabbed what bike matched my cycling shoes
the 30 year old Colnago fixed gear worked with the Pearlizumi shoes and the Shimano cleats
as the pink bike with the fixed gear and various campy parts has old worn SPD pedals
not the best bike for my tired legs
rode it the last two days out of laziness
was heavy on the front brake due to legs too tired for deceleration

with the bike out of the basement I returned to the basement to get the old jamis nova and a pedal wrench
a moments thought made me realize that swapping shoes would be easier than swapping pedals
so I grabbed the Sidis and a bike to match
the Sidis have Time cleats... so does the karate monkey single speed
an easy choice
an easy gear for tired legs

the rides have been light since the weekend's race at the 24 Hours of Big Bear
tonight should be no different
have yet to plot my course
maybe to Capitol Hill to grill with some friends as I have a bachelor's pass
we will see if any other old married folks are free for a drink

otherwise it is just home to walk the dogs
after my post work ride of course