cross town push

today I worked the late shift
working late means I get to go in late
going in late frees up my morning for a few things out of my standard routine...

for the start of my day
well.... after the often frustrating efforts to dress 2 year old grant and now 5 year old dean I got to drive dean to camp.... day camp not a sleep over
grant came along for the ride
as per usual it was a bit of a shell game
arriving to the car seeing I have one car seat... not the needed two
back to the house
then back to the car
basic disney movie dad with the kids confusion

the drive is not so far but the drive is altered and congested due to all the flooding in Rock Creek Park
these morning drives just act to confirm so many of my opinions of the standard driver and their idiotic behavior

the inefficency
the selfishness
the down right obnoxiousness of it all
they are not just behaving in this fashion towards cyclists
the drives are behaving this way to other drivers and pedestrians as well
but this is no new news
currently I am trying to get some help from the city on slowing traffic on my street
a street which is a major commuter through route

the short sightedness... literal and figuratively
the blindness to the moment and the worst case scenario
no thought about what if

when I drive I fight the impulse to go fast
I fight the impulse to drive like all the fools around me
sure I am trying to make the light
I may bust a move.... I may even sneak up and take someone at the line using a half step behind pole position
but I stay at a rational speed
exceeding the speed limit to a rational extended parameter
never greater than 40 in a 25
usually 35... which in certain areas can insite road rage

my most basic intention is to drive safely with common sense and common courtesy
the law is obvious and easy to follow
the law is to guide safety and to offer common sense and the path to common courtesy for those that are too dim to figure it out on their own

the city has been bumper to bumper at rush hour each morning and each evening for the last few days
just as the car driver thinks that the high gas prices will pass
the delayed slow traffic will pass
ya know what
they are right
gas prices will go down
traffic will get back to normal
gas prices will certainly go up again and traffic will be stuck and slow again
one would think that this would be a good chance for some people to evolve