a cinderella story...

a bit of a cinderella story this morning on my way into work...

was a little slow out of the gate this am
dean and grant had no interest in getting dressed
both of them wanted to watch a movie
watching television or a movie is not part of our morning routine
once dressed it was impossible for me to get them to focus on eating
it was already late... grant's babysitter arrived and tried to aid in my efforts

while Soledad took control of the uncontrolable boys I took the uncontrolable dogs for a morning walk
started on a short look directly across the street in the woods
saw a dog that my dogs do not care for so altered my agenda
crossed over beach drive and did a little walk along side rock creek
the dogs were in their glory in the water

got home noticing I was late for work
go figure!

grabbed some clothing for the office
got into some gear for riding to work
carried the fixie into the alley and pointed it downtown
as I meandered directly to work through Adams Morgan I marveled at all the bicycle traffic
guess these folks were running late as well

in the distance a few blocks away I saw an undiscernable rider lose something from their rear rack
I tried to keep the rider in focus to see if they turned off 18th Street
slowed, stopped, picked up a hiking sneaker
then moved to reel in the owner of the shoe
by the time I caught the owner of the shoe she had realized that she had lost it

I rolled up calling her by name, Cinderella... is this your shoe?
she smiled a bright white toothy smile and thanked me for my knight in shining armour efforts

there was a short exchange then I reached for the camera
she was happy to have her new shoe back
as one shoe would not have served her well on her planned hike in the South of France