kill my television

kill my television?
kill your television.

I agree with this idea
in theory

I know that I would be a more productive person, a healthier person, and maybe a happier person if I did not have television
television is a habitual addiction
do I turn it on because there is something to watch?
I watch because I turn it on...

but honestly... if you are going to do television you need to do cable
and well... if you do cable you need to do HBO
HBO is really what justifies it for me

a few things georgy carlin on now, bill maher, the documentaries are amazing (they know this.. they tell us.. they are right) last letters home in itself is worth a month's cost of cable
the series are great... entourage, sopranos, six feet under.... I may hate sex in the city now... but I used to love it

enough blog
more george carlin
oh... curb your enthusiasm has already made me a better person
on a few occassions I halted my behavior as it was about to become too much like something larry david would do


Biking Bis said...

Good idea. I think I'll kill my television, and kill my computer while I'm at it. I spend more time in front of this boob tube than the other one. Like right now. It's almost sunny. I should be out on my bike.... I'm leaving.... bye.

gwadzilla said...

I wish I could kill my television
I also wish I did not eat so much junk food
I enjoy junk food and television
in grand quantities