sex education

in this world society gets the ability to mold its people
our decisions and our identity are created by more than just the influences of our immediate family
we are created through what we learn from our family, from our schools, and from the world around us
the schools may need to start adding a few things to the list as the direction of our current population is pretty ugly...

idea one: this morning while dropping my son off at school I had an idea
my dogs were in the back of the Element waiting for a chance to chase a squirrel in the woods
as my son colored in a print out of a rabbit with his classmates I tried to exit
my son kept pleading me to stay
sure... I would love to stay... but I have to go to work
I reminded Dean of my needing to go to work and my needing to walk the dogs
the mention of the dogs got some of his friends excited
this also distracted Dean
we had a short exchange about the dogs
I may have embarressed my son by having him kiss me then I made my way to the door

before I left I paused and said my goodbyes to the teacher
a teacher who may feel about me the way many teachers felt about me
she just doesn't like me
but, I try to see past that and help where I can
so, I proposed something to her... not for that moment... but for a time when she felt worked for the class
I proposed coming in with my two dogs and helping to educate the class on how to behave appropriately around dogs
some simple rules...
-don't pet a strange dog
-never pet a dog without asking the owner first
-how to approach a dog
-why not to run from a dog (even if you are scared_

this seemed like a good idea
expose these kids to the dogs and appropriate behavior
as not all children have daily contact with dogs like my sons do

before I could finish my first sentence of introduction my idea was being shot down
instantly deflated
the quickest excuse she came up with was allergies...
well, I agreed and retracted my offer and went on with my day
it seemed like a good idea
but she was not interested

the schools spend more hours a day with our kids then our family does
the schools need to take responsibility for a great deal of the development of our children
in this age of the obesity epidemic it is amazing that gym class is being cut from schools
so the next notion seems a little far fetched... but I will share it just the same

idea two: the dog thing was more of a "show and tell" experience that would take a morning of a day
but, I truly believe that there should be a bicycle class for kids
just as there is sex education
not a full semester, but maybe a three week class

the class would happen twice in a child's life
maybe sixth grade and then again in 9th grade
the class would cover the basics...
refresher on how to ride a bike
some bicycle safety
maybe free helmets to those who can not afford them
in addition to riding there would also be an introduction to repairs
every child by the age of 12 should know how to fix a flat
the thought of spending 10-15 bucks for a flat repair is outrageous
especially to those without a GOLD CARD

this class like many classes would touch a few and would be ignored by many
but that is how classes go
I am certain that there have been more than one case in the history of children where a couple of kids went out and got pregnant even after the basic ideas that had been covered in sex ed that day
so... some kids may miss the message
but the few that get the message
their lives may be changed
you may turn some kids onto the bike who had not considered it
a few kids may learn to love riding bikes
other kids may learn to love fixing bikes
another kid may learn to ride a bike when they had not previously had the opportunity
just think... if mom or dad does not ride a bike... would the kids learn to ride a bike

a bike is a simple pleasure that every child should get to enjoy
be that child six years old or sixty

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stupid said...

One thing that Hawaii has done, that I think every state should attempt is thier Bike-Ed program. They travel to every schools 4th grade class, giving them five, 45 minute sessions, on bicycle safety, and road riding skills.

Personally, I think it needs a refresher class as part of drivers-ed. This way they are reminded of proper driver to cyclist interaction, with a fresh memory of what it's like to be a cyclist.