almost as bad as cell phones

iLove my iPod
i will admit that I neglect to add new music to it as frequently as i should
but iDo love my iPod

the primary use of the iPod is as an auxilary device
it works on various stereos in my house as well as in my car
as tempting as it may be to use the iPod on the bike
seems that tuning out that one sense would leave me one sense short of being safe

not to mention when i ride there are an assortment of things to listen to
in addition to the sound of the birds in the trees and the squirrels in the brush
there are the sounds of oncoming hikers, joggers, bikers, and that chance encounter with a deer or a bear
so much to hear... much of which should not be missed
there is the sound of the bike as well as the sound of the world around me

there are so many sounds worth hearing
the sound of a stick clicking in the spokes
there is the sound of a slow leak
the sound of mal adjusted limit screws failing to stop a deraileur from going into the rear wheel
just to name a few

as far as people around town
the cell phone is the worse
people become blind when they talk on the phone
they walk into the street without looking
they walk into other people
they are inefficient when shopping.... I will snake anyone on their cell phone as they meander their way to the register

leave the iPod at home
and well
exist more safely as well as more considerate in public
when walking in the park.... let the park entertain you
you can finish that pod cast when you get home


Jill said...

Definitely words to live by, but ... sometimes you just need a little extra tug up the hills ... something external, in a little white box.

Squirrel said...

Amen Jill, I swing both ways on this one:) Sometimes its hot, and well other times I seem to have enough energy to just hammer.


gewilli said...

if ya put that device in your ears on a bike... ya might as well loosen the crank arm, headset and saddle... and leave your helment at home...

no extra incentive should come at the price of certain death from having one of the most important senses cut off on the bike... not to diss the hearing impaired community...

but riding with a portable music device, walkman, iPod what not... just is flat out stupid. I'll say it.

On the trainer? no problem... go for it. You may think the tunes get you through but they are a crutch and somethin as joel says... should be left the hell at home...

Connect to the world - don't disconnect... once you disconnect you cease to participate... this is life - enjoy it... Turn on the tunes at home... crank em just before you leave... let the song ride with you in your head... but not blasting in your ears.

preacher G headed back to his own pulpit now

Squirrel said...

Riding with my ipod has I'm sure saved me much anger on my commute home, (I touch my bike all the time no need to worry if me crank arms are loose:), but hearing a dumbass in his rusty bucket screaming smack out his asshole at me.....well I tend too want to punch the M--ther F---er. Seeings I'm already on paper, I need no more trouble and the ipod tunes out the crap so I can just smile and wave with me cheesey grin:)

Peace and to each his own:)

gwadzilla said...

to each their own-to a certain degree

Iowa and Alaska may be different then the congested East Coast
here in Washington DC on the streets the cars are coming ta get cha
and the multi-use paths (bike paths)
well... everyone is in their own world on their own agenda
seems that ever runner is about to turn back for home right in front of me

come on
look before you button hook

I am a geek that warns as I pass
unless you have headphones
if you don't want to hear me coming
don't mouth anything at my back after I pass

I understand how music can pull people up that climb or send them sprinting at a METALLICA pace
but I am with G.... it is not a good idea
with only 5 senses... you want to forfiet one?

sure... the occassional treat
but for some it is a religion
and well
it zones them out to another world an iWorld

Squirrel said...

"sure... the occassional treat
but for some it is a religion
and well
it zones them out to another world an iWorld "

Simply put, on the money:)