depression is like a leak in the roof

depression is like a leak in the roof
when the sun is shinning there is no concern for that leak in the roof
the sun shines the roof exists as if there is no leak
so no care is taken to repair this leak in the roof

then the rain comes
as they say.... when it rains it pours
water comes pouring through the leak in the roof
you can not fix a leaky roof while water is pouring through

so you deal with it
buckets to catch the dripping water
towels to mop up the water on the floor
there may be some bitching and moaning about the leak in the roof
eventually the sun comes out again

again the leak in the roof is ignored
the sun is out... why concern yourself with a leaky roof while the sun is out
until it rains again


Buddy said...

I think you need some trail time ny friend. It does the soul good.


Anonymous said...

to tight get loose