Mid West Granny Gear Event!

this looks cool
granny gear has added a new 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race Venue!
I am most certain that it rocks
there is no way that Laird Knight would put the Granny Gear seal of approval on this event unless it rocked!
makes me curious
maybe I need to go visit family in Chicago in September?

I missed the first Big Bear...
maybe I coudl do the first Landahl?
the first Tahoe was at Donner Pass... I was there... that was awesome

press release
granny gear


Squirrel said...

Landahl is the finiest and most brutal course in the midwest, my favorite place to race and #1 in my opinion! Good People's down there. By brutal I mean it beats the shit out of you, no monster climbs, just rocks, rocks, and well more of dem dar rocks. Running rigid as Steve Tilford once said to me and a friend " are you looking to get the shit beat out of you man", and that was in a 2hr XC race. Landahl speaks of FS all the way in a 24hr solo race:)


gwadzilla said...

like squirrel said


sounds awesome!

I like rock gardens
as long as there is a line