Go Nats!

a few weekends ago lisa and I took the boys to a National's game
it was t-shirt day
to my pleasure they had XL shirts
to my family's displeasure... they only had XL shirts
somehow we walked away with five XL Nationals t-shirts
or not

the shirts are red
the shirts have a big "W" on them

I have already given away 4 out of 5 of the shirts
considering using the 5th to clean my chain
I can not see myself wearing a red shirt with a big "W" on it
I know that the meaning is different
I am not pleased with how the combination of shirt color and the "W" make my stomach turn

maybe I should have used all five shirts to clean my chain

I would like them to alter their logo or change their team name in the next few years
the stigma attached to these last many years will be a negative one
watching sports should be a pleasant escape
not a painful reminder


bryn said...

there was an article in the city paper (I think) about how hill staffers, ever the city trendsetters, were wearing either red or blue nats caps to show their political alignment.

but the nats also have a lot of apparel that features the alternate "DC" logo. granted, it wasn't being passed out for free on t-shirt day, but still, you do have options...

gwadzilla said...

my kids have Nats hats that I bought them at Target

the cap itself is Blue

as I hope to raise them to play for the Blue team...


I think they will play for the Green team
everyone under 20 should be for the Green Team
no one under 50 should be on the Red Team

young republicans are an ugly breed