an affordable option

darn gifs
why do the gifs invert?
the superbad site had me thinking of Biomega in Denmark
beautiful bikes
more art than function
Dynamic makes a more affordable shaft driven bike
shaft drive is not the center of my idea
affordability is really the core of the issue
I feel that it is the responsibility of the bicycle industry to modify its low end bike to meet the need of the low income consumer
the Huffy/Paciffic market makes a bike that resembles a downhill bike
the majority of these bicycle owners have never seen a long travel downhill bike or a downhill race
they are shopping by price
they are buying what is made available to them at that price point
lose the shocks
lose the full range of gears
the shocks do not work
and the wide range of gears go unused
there should be a 3 or 5 speed option
fully rigid
basic commuter
a rack and fenders are more valuable to this low income option then front and rear shock
the department store style bicycle does a fine job with the basic beach cruiser
they should step away from quasi-the mountain bike
modify the beach cruiser into a utilitarian bike


Jeremiah said...

I was thinking the same thing. The super simple can be really cool as well as cheap and durable. Maybe Trek could make a sweet. $150 bike called a B-line.

One gear and a handle bar and some wheels are all you really need.

It is better you did what you needed to. The trails are still there.
Later. JB

gwadzilla said...

thanks for stopping by

the trails are still there
there is always next year

when are the race promoters going to offer babysitting?

my boys would love it!
I can see Chris Scott with my sons working the course with him
two year old grant sitting on the gas tank and five year old dean hanging off the back
as chris flies down the fireroads on that two stroke dirt bike

good job
bet it was a fun race for you and your friend/rival/team mate chris eatough

a great year for the both of you