lots of good advice...

the best advice shared

give a wave
not the finger

that should be easy advice to follow
as it makes more sense
nothing is ever gained through my generosity with the bird

will wade through it all and give it all a fair listen

I am still growing
my imperfect being fits well into this imperfect world
which is not an excuse for my actions
I am trying

(as far as the poop goes... I try to balance the scale where I can... but I will continue to walk my dog leashless in the woods which will keep his dropping out of harms way and out of my reach)
((yes... I know there are leash laws... thank you))


Anonymous said...

Yeah it figures you will not be able to attend the meeting. Just a lot of hot air and no action.

((yes....I know there are speed laws and stop signs laws...thank you)).

You ARE who you hate. Wow.

gwadzilla said...

I did not set the date for the meeting
enough people were able to meet the scheduled date
rather than have DOT/DC FOP/Council Members/Neighborhood Alliance etc people work around my schedule
I figured let the momentum carry through

my voice has been heard
they know my position

as far as being who I hate...
I am as critical of myself as I am of others

if we spent as much time policing and judging ourselves as we do judging others...
the world would be a better place

thanks for your words

even if they are not so productive