he should have jacket

it was not cold
but definitely cold enough for a jacket

these are the battles that parents deal with

that and "no hot dogging!"
"keep those feet on the pedals"
"stop being so wild!"
"stop with the pedals and not by dragging your feet!"


Nathan said...

Dude - you are 75% overbearing parent! At least!


gwadzilla said...

only 75%

I try to control things

theboy said...

I'm cool with demanding a jacket, but my children have survived so far despite ignoring all my advice. Keep an eye on that cape and the spokes!

Freewheel said...

The cape is all he needs. Those are some great pics!

a said...

Oh, why do we parents always think our kids are cold? Biking?

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I did see the funniest kid on a bike a few months back. He was biking while wearing a Darth Vader helmet--didn't have my camera.