charlie kelly's page

early riders...
charlie kelly's website is like the mountainbike history book
an amazing collection of images and words

worth a look
the page layout is old school
the images are not just old school
but from the first day of school
a collection of shots of the first freshman class of mountain bikes

amazing stuff!

in the KLUNKERZ film I would like to see some text telling who the speaker is
each time they speak
maybe some intros at the biening
who they were then
and maybe
who they are now


gwadzilla said...

there is an article that Charile Kelly wrote for Dirt Rag where he interviews Bob Weir

although I am not really a fan of The Dead
it is still interesting to read


gwadzilla said...


I used to be a mover

there were tricks
always hopped for tips

bet moving pianos around the row houses of San Francisco can be a bitch

bet there are battles with the stairs and tight landings
and occassions where the customer just has to understand that the piano is staying on the ground floor

especially if it is a historic player piano
the player pianos have to be the worse

I did a move to West Virginia that involved a piano
there was a slightly comical instance where the piano "got away" from me and the my co-worker
it was comical
but only because we caught it before it rolled off into "the holler"