Cyclocross... who belongs in the C Class?

you tell me

as I am not sure

what qualifies the beginner?

the Cyclocross C Class is an odd bunch
the C Class is not the rag tag group of flunkies that I would expect from a group that calls themselves beginners
there are very few mountain bikes and zero old road bikes with side pull brakes with enough clearance for cross knobbies
no, most of the C racers have Cyclocross specific bicycles
not many of them are the thousand dollar variety
no... the C Class is littered with all sorts of high end cyclocross machines
often with an equally gucci machine waiting in the pits

some of these racers have coaches and power taps and compete in other disciplines of cycling at a higher than beginner level

so what qualifies these racers as beginners?

there is the notion of Sandbagging...
where does it begin? where does it end? where does it apply?
where is the pleasure? what can be done to make it stop?

it pleases me to see that the Cross Nationals does not offer a C Category
as it would not make sense for beginners to shell out the cash and travel across the country to to compete for the beginner prize and beginner bragging rights


gwadzilla said...

I admit it
I feel like I belong in the C Class

Graham said...

Well then I would be DD...errr...actually that's the size of my man boobs.