was scanning the web for an image

the indexing of the Internet is awesome
if my naming made more sense it would be even better
but the randomness has its flavor just the same

here is a great archive from last year
has some great images of the streets of DC and the 24 Hours of Big Bear


gotta go
dean is ringing the cow bell from tacchino cyclocross race
the boys need to get dressed
I need to go to yoga

the theme from Mission Impossible is playing in my head
as trying to get the boys to do things can often have the stress level of diffusion a bomb

that bell is driving me batty...

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gwadzilla said...

back from yoga

great work out

was late again

dean's boxers were too small...
which made for a hand-me-down to grant
grant was so excited about his hand-me-down batman boxers that he stripped down to nothing
and put on his newly acqured boxers

then started to run some laps around the bedroom

there was quite a struggle to get him dressed again

that story is pretty much everyday

only usually it is kids late for school/parents late for work
being late for yoga is less of a big deal
although it is inconsiderate to the others in the class