no... I am not a messenger
I don't even play one on tv

my fascination is not so much with the messenger culture
but the bicycle culture and its many subgroups
which I guess filters down to a fascination with the messenger culture


Anonymous said...

I thought you were a bike messenger from all these pictures...so what do you do ?
a writer ?
poet ??
street mime ??
professional blogger ??
police ?? paramedic ??
bike shop ? racer ?
CEO ?? CIA ??
maybe you take all these pictures while selling hotdogs from a cart ??

gwadzilla said...

none of those things...

I am a husband and a father
a dog owner of one dog
was a dog owner of two
looking to be an dog owner of two again

I work
but nothing as glamorous as a hot dog vendor
although I do have a love for the dc boiled dog with all of the fixings

now I am hungry


Anonymous said...

You can be a hot dog vendor someday if you want it bad enough...

That for some reason reminds me of a very funny Irish movie "The Van"..two middle age friends get laid off from their jobs at same time and end up going into business together revamping a "chipper" van (fish and chips)..look for it.