ethnography of work

the bicycle shop is an interesting work place
the bicycle shop blows away the concept of clerks for the revolving door of characters
especially the urban bicycle shop

sociological written work
or comedy
the bicycle shop has so much potential

these are more shots of nothing
but senfield was a show about nothing
people watched that show about nothing for years


Surly Rider said...

I miss that place so much. Is dude truing the wheel so angry? He was funny and fun to be around, but he hated most customers. I think he is the only mechanic I know to have been punched in the face after throwing a bike out the front door. Good times at city bikes in my short time there

gwadzilla said...

that is funny...

stopped by yesterday

Xavier helped me out
he gave me a 35 second lesson on how the new style of cranks work...

it is obvious
but I can be dim