az has seen my picture thing... but has yet to see a shot I have taken of him

this was a funny little encounter
ran into az on dupont
snapped some shots
shot the shit
a short exchange

a short exchange as I do not know az that well
and well
az is at work

after some talk about the photo thing and my page
there was mention of lunch
az also told me he had seen me take his picture but had yet to see any images on my page other than lola's

we parted
I left with some images and the recommendation of a burrito from baja fresh
a few blocks away as I am approaching baja fresh
az came up the sidewalk from the other direction
seconds had passed
maybe two minutes

I questioned the need for the bike
there was a bit of an inside joke as we both approached chris and marsha
a third messenger was present
he stepped aside as he did not want his picture taken

there is nothing like being a messenger on a beautiful day
these are the days that make all non-messengers wish that they were messengers
doctors, lawyers, dentists.... they all wish that they were messengers on this day

but last week when the wind was howling, the streets were a sheet of ice, and there were sub-freezing temperatures
no one wished to be a messenger
certainly some messengers questioned their trade of choice
while others may have stayed at home in bed

while searching the gwadzilla archives for an image of AZ on my page
found this archive from almost exactly a year ago
this archive contains images of both chris and marsha

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gwadzilla said...

az looks like he is on SOUL TRAIN
working the line with the crowd around him