ROAM by the collective


gwadzilla said...

that ZIPLINE film style is sick!

these guys make an amazing film!

Russ said...

That is a sick video!!! I really wish it wasn't january right now, and wasn't assigned to the bike trainer.

I am heading to the Banff in Cleveland, other than ROAM are there any other excellent movies to catch?

Love the blog keep it up..

gwadzilla said...


ray's indoor mountain bike park

I fear that a trip to mountain bike at ray's would be like a trip to maui to surf for me

great conditions
but demands above my ability

I need some exposure to some more of that man made stuff

hucks and jumps were never my thing
do not think they ever will be
I think I could be into some of the flow pump course style riding

gwadzilla said...

in the actual ROAM video
you do not see the cameramen
you are left to guess how it is all done

very talented film makers
making an exciting topic interesting to viewers more than just cyclists

during intermission my son and I were burning off some of our Skittle high by running around the lobby
we bumped into the man touring with the Banff Film Festival
he and I talked for a minute
today he is riding with local film maker jason berry...

check out the films by him

Off Road to Athens
and the now in post production 24 Solo

Jason Berry is a fantastic film maker as well...




those films are so good
I could almost set up my trainer in the basement

maybe next month

Linda said...

There are lots of good films out there, but this is one of the top three by far!
It depends a lot what you like to see... urban, trial, jumps, freeriding, singletracks...
I have commented on a few: