sometimes I have the camera....

sometimes I have the camera
sometimes I do not feel like taking pictures
sometimes I leave wishing I had taken some pictures

sometimes people do not want their picture taken
sometimes people want their picture taken

the park is a tough place
dupont is more of a solitary approach
while farragutt often offers the pack
I prefer approaching the solo rider
the exchange is more natural
the photos are easier to take
usually less of a snap shot

the last few days have been nice days
nice days like these merit some time outside the office

yesterday I got lunch perdos and vinnie's
this was a few blocks longer than the lunch break usually allows
but on a nice day like there there are certain understandings
like the teacher taking the class outside
heck... they are looking out the window anyway
either way there is no work done

the burrito yesterday
and sticks and bowls up by dupont today
then ran into cargo mike
which somehow got me to 15th and Penn by treasury
remember.... RIGGS... RIGHT ON THE MONEY?
it is not Riggs any more

walked back
over past the white house
snapped a few shots of a kid with a fixed gear
then cut through on over to farragutt
before approaching the large messenger crowd I met a woman from oregon with a streak of lady bugs tattooed on her back
then said hey to max

there were some familar faces and some faces I had photoed
wanted some motion shots
did not feel like approaching anyone
ended up snapping some shots of max after catching up a bit
max has some good energy

picked up the pace and headed back into the office

after work I rode straight home
no need to ride
as I rode in the morning before work
had the camera in the bag but was just looking to roll straight home
not trying to play photo guy

looked at the people in the parks and the sidewalk cafes

dupont blending into adams morgan
adams morgan blending into mount pleasant

on mount pleasant street I saw a friend so I stepped off the bike
good to catch up with friends
he needed to stop at the argyle market for a soda
so I stopped in for some wine
while in the argyle meredith and her boyfriend john came in as well
I had seen them locking their bikes while I ask the brother of mark of marx's cafe to watch my bike
he was good enough to watch my bike after telling me I can not bring the bike inside
there was discussion of locks
but some basic confusion

I grabbed some wine and I chatted to meredith
check out her sporty new haircut as I grabbed a random bottle of wine
made my purchase and then finished catching up with that old friend on the final blocks towards his house
after our good byes I thought about the fact that I had my camera in my bag
that it would have been a good shot of the argyle market as a backdrop to john and meredith along with their bikes
them passing on park road riding their track bikes along side of themselves would have made a fantastic motion shot
then the last shot of them sitting on the porch of either of their houses
the shots are in my mind
but not on the camera
as the camera was in my bag
and I did not have the time, the energy, or the intention to pull it out of the bag

it is tough
I do not want to live behind the camera
I want to live
I also want to take some pictures

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Meredith Joy said...

awe! Thanks for thinking of Jon and me!