art immitates life

my son dean was playing with his cars last night

it was well past his bedtime

this is what he came up with...
art imitating life


the lesters said...

He he. Doesn't it though?

Did he spill his coffee all over himself while honking his horn?

How appropriate for today, anyway...

gwadzilla said...

today was emancipation day
which was a school holiday for dc pubic schools

my brother and I had planned to go to Port Discovery with our dc public school age kids
which turned out to be closed on mondays
the trip to baltimore had me listening to the traffic report
this wind had trees and powerlines down all around the dc metro area

which means it may have been just as well that we stayed quasi local

NormLabrador said...

glue it to a white piece of wood, call it "gridlock" and sell it for to start his college fund.