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Gear Review: Serfas Mini Pump MP-1 Bullet
one of the generous sponsors of the DCMTB/City Bikes mountain bike team is Serfas

Serfas makes a wide range of bicycling equipment
saddles, bags, gloves, computers, grips... the list goes on
this season Serfas was cool enough to hook our team up with a number of pumps and a variety of glasses

at the last team meeting I was lucky enough to score the Serfas Mini Pump and some Serfas Shades

today I got to try out the Serfas MP-1 Bullet mini pump
beautiful design
feels nice in the hands
it is compact... real compact
solid.... yet light

I used the pump this morning for the first time to inflate a co-worker's tire
although I did not count how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop
I did feel that the pump managed to inflate things to a solid level in a reasonable amount of strokes
mind you... that was a 26 inch tube... not a 29er

in short
everyone must travel with a pump while out on the bicycle
the Serfas MP-1 Bullet comes with a mounting bracket
but I plan on keeping it in my pack
if you are looking to upgrade your mini pump
consider looking at this Serfas Product!

*I have yet to decide if it is an issue that there is no clamp down lever for when the pump is attached to the valve
more on this as I use this pump more frequently

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Conrad said...

I dunno if you'll still see a comment on a year old post, but what happened with MP-1 bullet? Is the lack of clamp down lever an issue? I have had a Strida 5.0 for about a year and a half, and I keep looking for a pump that'll inflate the tires without unfolding the bike. The MP-1 looks like it might do the trick.