this is not an entirely new idea....

a few years ago when I got my Surly Karate Monkey with gears I also put a suspension fork on the front of the monkey
the suspension fork freed up the spare fork
which I was not sure what to do with

a thought passed through my head

I thought that I could put the rigid 29er fork on my old Kona Explosif and totally franken bike this machine out

after some talking with CityBikesMike I was desuaded from a frankenbike plan that would have asked for parts that I do not have
then pretty my forgot about that project
now I am seeing these Trek 69ers all around
DT even turned his IF into a 69er
to think... I could have been an innovator on this 69er thing
but I wasn't

but honestly...
it is not inventing
it is not even innovation
as Cannondale had this model going on with 26 in the front and 24 in the rear back in the 80's
I had one of those SM600s
it was sweet!
with the Cunningham Power Cams and Suntour Thumbshifters... pre-Index
that was the machine

this Trek 69er looks sweeeeet!!!!


Lee said...

same bike? http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=481272949&context=set-72157600157918872&size=l

I didn't notice it being a 69er. Just thought it was a cool color, the guy riding it was cool so i napped a couple of shots. ha.

iconoclasst said...

Hmm, what term to go with?

On the one hand, 69er has the obvious prurient connotation--a big plus, to be sure.

But, logically speaking, 96er makes more sense: since the 29-inch wheel is at the front of the bike, the 9 should be at the "front" of the title.

Okay, maybe I should be writing up the rest of my Lodi report...

Suki said...

a college freshman sends her dad an e-mail.

dad, I need a car. send money.

his response:

I'm sending you $200. buy a bicycle.

on her way to buy said bicycle she sees a monkey on sale at a pet store. figuring she'll just hitch a ride with friends...she spends the loot on the monkey. as time passes, her monkey falls ill and begins to lose its hair. being that daddy's a vet, she sends off the following message:

my monkey's going bald. what should I do?

his response...

sell the bike.

you said monkey.