just a suggestion

phones and cell phones

phones and cell phones
part of our life
but... people need to keep things in perspective
listen to the ring
then understand the priority

the phone call is a suggestion not a command
people need to view the phone call as just that
live in the moment
enjoy the present time

don't worry about what could be
focus on what is happening now... in the moment

that said
my phone is a work phone
which means that it is a command... not a suggestion
for the youth of today
the ones that are all on the phone talking to other people
rather than the people that they are with
get it together
put down the cell phone
live right here
live right now

and the iPhone
it too is really just a phone

people lived without headphones for 20 years
they got the SONY Walkman
then the batteries dies
then they lived without headphones
then with the introduction of iPod then put in the headphones again
music was not as central to their life as the iPod
now the iPhone
mixing electronic addicitons
creating electronic slaves


iconoclasst said...

Well stated!

Dr. Logan said...

True that. I #$%^ing hate when people talk on their cell-phones while they're with me.

Mike said...

hey, i just started working at the sheridan school, lost your email, but saw something w/ your name on it. are you doing something w/ the school?