tips... the custom of tips and tipping

tips... tipping... the custom of tipping

where is the rule book?
how do we learn these things if they are not spelled out for us?

how can we accelerate the learning curve?
where is the cheatsheet?

over time we all learn that it is appropriate to tip 15-20 percent on a meal in a sit down restaurant
a sit down restaurant where there are no pictures of the menu on the wall

there are subtities that often go ignored...
like tipping on the total before tax
or tipping on the meal and not on the drinks
the tendency is to be generous

the same goes for bars
we have learned over time that we need to tip the bartender
especially if you want a second drink

I understand the ritual and the unwritten rules
but I do not fully agree with them
I accept these rules and live by them
yet somewhat begrudgely
as we tip waiters and waitresses no matter how shotty the service
and the notion of tipping the bartender because the pulled a draft or popped the cap off a bottle is a tad absurd
but those are the rules to the game
so that is how I play them

well... what about the people serving beer, peanuts, or hot dogs at the baseball game
do we need to tip them on each exchange?
some of the servers give a little show... a little something extra
the guy who dances when he shakes the lemonade
the lady who writes Orioles on the hot dog in mustard or ketchup in cursive
but what about the person who just walks up and hands you the food or drink that you desire?
is tipping part of the transaction?

does someone know the rules?
where are these rules written?

just because somebody got wise and put out a cup that says tips... does that mean that I need to tip when I order my coffee?
it appears that the person pouring my coffee is doing no more than the person who hands me my wendy's classic single... when why do people think that I need to tip that person at the register?

mechanics at the bicycle shop?
often they turn the wrench or make an extra adjustment
do they get tipped?

I worked as a mover
as the leader of the crew I often took the time to enlighten the customer of the sociology of the situation as we discussed the billing
people often tip the flower delivery person for one delivery
but did not tip the mover after hours and hours of sweating their balls off as they hauled all sorts of crap up three flights of stairs


MRussell said...

a six pack of good beer is appropriate for a LBS wrench. Les at ECBA likes the Belgium Ale from Queen City Brewing.

gwadzilla said...

I am good about the beer for the people that hook me up and take care of me at the shop

and sometimes a bottle of wine