finally... some solid shots with max

finally some solid shots with max

I have snapped photos of max many times over
but this is the first time I feel like I caught a few good images
people are often curious about the process of how these photos happen

max is someone I have come to know over the years
more through mountain biking and around town than just the photo thing

so I can approach max and if he has a second he stalls for the camera

I am very pleased with the quality of the build that max did for me on the jamis nova cyclocross bike


iconoclaSSt said...

Gotta love a fixie with a front disc brake!

gwadzilla said...

sure... why not

if you are going to use a brake
why not have a brake that works

I never realized that your occupation recently moved you up to Professional...

wow! Professional Bullshit Artist

I had been meaning to head to your page
I had not seen your posting from the SSWC

I figured I would give you some time
as I know you are still working on part three of your LODI REPORT

iconoclaSSt said...

It was always "professional".

Canti brakes work, as do vees and sidepulls. Whatever you like, I supposed.